The reason zones work for draw plays is madden Cover Image


The reason zones work for draw plays is madden

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    Running to Lean: FB Dives

    Fullback dives were among the most efficient runs in Madden the last season and will be among the most effective plays in Madden this year. They're the only way to say that they grow faster than any other run within the game. Certain fullback dives are more efficient than others, however those that are fastest to develop are the most difficult ones to stop during a game.

    Zone defenses are among the most efficient times to play the draw of a running back. The reason zones work for draw plays is that defensive players begin to retreat towards the ball player since they know that the play will result in an attempt to pass. The delayed handoff creates a false sense of defense and lets you get some easy yards. The opponents who back more defenders into the coverage are more vulnerable to draw plays.

    In this instance we've opted to use the split back technique for the Washington Redskins to demonstrate the effectiveness of the fullback dive. In these particular plays, there is no need for an lead blocker since they can develop quickly. Redskin Running back Clinton Portis goes in motion and quarterback Jason Campbell prepares to receive the ball. Even if the opponent is aware of the dive from the back on the way, it's still very difficult to stop it for a loss. The worst outcome that we can possibly see is losing one yard or less because the exchange with the quarterback is quick and near to the point of scrimmage - a important factor in running game.

    The FB Dive play, the fullback receives the ball three yards away from the line of the scrimmage. The gaps in the offensive Line might appear easy to exploit, but these plays actually provide excellent protection at the front, and losing in the game rarely occur. The tight end Chris Cooley (who can be placed at fullback to transform into an offensive player) runs across over the line of scrimmage when the defensive players are battling our linemen. In our case we have at least five yards to the play, and the defense is only starting to get closer. Cooley's finally brought to the ground following an 11-yard gain in the game.
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