We could have anticipated it a bit in advance mut 24 Cover Image


We could have anticipated it a bit in advance mut 24

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We could have anticipated it a bit in advance mut 24 لم ينشر أي منشور بعد.
تاريخ البدء 17-08-23 - 12:00
تاريخ الانتهاء 30-08-23 - 12:00
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    Not only did the contest at the city's Allianz Arena sell out within moments, but the team would have been able to fill much more seats than the 75.024 available -- a lot more.According the report of Alexander Steinforth, head of Madden NFL 24 Germany, three million applications were processed. This is roughly 40 Allianz Arenas worth fans.

    "We could have anticipated it a bit in advance because of the 600.000 registered buyers for the presale in the last couple of weeks," Steinforth told German news outlet Ran. "At the top, however the queue was a little over 800.000 people in the queue virtual all at one time."Ticketmaster informed us that they could have sold around the three-million mark. This level of demand -either for sporting events or concerts typically seen only at the Super Bowl. This advance sale for the Madden NFL 24's German game has over-performed all expectations."

    Steinforth said the event could be regarded as the biggest in terms of ticket inquiries that Germany has witnessed in the last few decades.Of obviously, the hype has led to some very long waiting periods for fans who began to post their individual spots on the waiting lists on social networks after the sale started earlier in the week. One of those posts specifically seems to support Steinforth's claims that hundreds of thousands were eager to participate in the event.

    "Unfortunately we were unable to make any changes to the lengthy queues of virtual people. It's more an indication of the excitement people had forward to it," Steinforth said about the mostly unfulfilled requests.While most fans won't be capable of attending the Buccaneers vs Seahawks game, they'll be given more opportunities in the coming years. The league will host a annual regular-season game at the stadium of Frankfurt in 2023. The league also plans to make international contests in Germany regular events.

    The extent to which these games will receive the same hype remains to be determined. However, for now it appears that the Madden NFL 24 is pleased with the first reception it's received -an outcome that could not be said about the 2925.000 people who were not able to purchase tickets.
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