6 Makeup Boxes and Holders You Can Make Yourself

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Every woman's first love is makeup and jewelry, and they begin to adore them from a very young age, so it would not be incorrect to say that they are her first loves

Every woman's first love is makeup and jewelry, and they begin to adore them from a very young age, so it would not be incorrect to say that they are her first loves. The lack of a proper and separate storage space for this extensive collection of makeup material and jewelry items, on the other hand, can cause the collection to become disorganized. With the help of six DIY makeup boxes and holders, this problem is no longer an intractable problem.

You can make a variety of products out of the discarded items in your environment to use as storage and transportation containers for your dressing-up accessories. The readily available and relatively inexpensive thing at home is mason jars with some shiny and colorful stones in them, which can be used to display your makeup brushes in a separate area. For your DIY jewelry collection, you can create jewelry boxes out of paper, hard boards, and plastic that can be customized to your liking.

1. Make Your Own Makeup Brush Box

These adorable and handmade DIY makeup brush boxes will add a touch of elegance to your dressing table. Making the pretty makeup boxes is simple and enjoyable, and it only takes a few minutes of your time. The wooden boxes are embellished with vinyl floral paper and turn out to be extremely beautiful and entertaining.

2. Makeup Organizer in a Shoe Box

Do you happen to have a couple of empty shoeboxes lying around? If you answered yes, then it's time to make the most of your space with these pretty shoe box makeup organizers. You read that correctly: the shoe boxes are used to create these lovely and completely functional makeup organizer boxes. The shoeboxes have been spray-painted in gold, which has resulted in a magically beautiful finish.

3. Bring a vintage make-up box back to life.

All of us have a vintage makeup box that was most likely passed down to us by our mother or grandmother. In order to keep your makeup organized, it's time to restyle that vintage makeup box to make it more modern and chic for your needs. With a few structural changes and a fresh coat of paint, this vintage box is transformed into something beautiful and stylish.

4. Custom-Made Wooden Makeup Organizer

If you enjoy working with wood, this wooden makeup box project is for you. It will help you to organize your makeup style. This gorgeous wooden makeup box is also a wonderful gift idea because it is so easy to make. It will be handmade and completely durable, as well as robust enough to store your makeup for an extended period of time.

Wizarding Organizer Box (number 5)

If you know any Harry Potter fan girls, then making them this wizarding organizer box will be the best gift idea you could think of for them. The makeup box opens up to reveal a plethora of hidden drawers that can accommodate all of your makeup products and accessories. This makeup organization is particularly appealing because of its wizard theme.

6. Make Your Own Clean Makeup Box

If you're looking for some unique and adorable gift ideas for your girlfriends, making this clean makeup box is the best thing you can do to satisfy your needs. All you need is a plain cardboard box, which you can fill with a basket full of makeup to complete your gift. This clean makeup box is the perfect gift for everyone, from your favorite girls to the lovely ladies in your life.