Two Pole Switch Cons

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Two Pole Switch

Any product that has advantages naturally has its own disadvantages, and sockets with switches are no exception. Moreover, for sockets with switches, if the shortcomings cannot be avoided during use, there will be a great safety hazard.

1. High-power electrical appliances cannot be used: For the Two Pole Switch, due to the internal design, there is no problem in daily use, such as rice cookers, electric kettles, TVs, and computers. Hot water heaters also use this, so there is a certain safety hazard, making the originally safe use unsafe.

2. Reduced service life: For traditional sockets, because they are directly connected internally, and there is no switch to convert the connection, the service life is relatively longer. For sockets with switches, after the switch panel is added, the panel will be affected by high temperature under the long-term use of electrical appliances, and the panel will change from the surface, which is the "mechanical change" in the industry. The service life of the switch is reduced. And for the design of the switch, the national regulation is to reach 2000 times, but in the actual production process, some small brands can't reach it at all, it is good to reach 1200 times, then the socket with switch is reduced. service life.

3. It is easy to produce "fire" phenomenon: When the Two Pole Switch is in use, due to the design of the switch inside, different contacts will be generated during use, and each time the switch is turned on and off, it will appear. If the quality of the socket with the switch is not good enough, especially when the high-power electrical appliance is used, it is easy to cause a "sparking" phenomenon inside it, which affects the safety of use.

Two Pole Switch