Do you know how to choose FAN Shell MOULD SUPPLY?

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fan shell mould supply

For the decoration of the office building, the general small -area office building decoration, the power socket is all installed on the wall; for large -scale company offices, the power socket can be installed on the wall and the road can be installed. So how should I choose a suitable company Fan Shell Mould Supply in the case of interior decoration?

1. Pay attention to the sign of the bottom of the FAN Shell Mould Supply: Including CCC certification, rated voltage operating voltage, you should buy products with 3C product verification. Select the appropriate rated current based on the current strength of the upcoming load. If the rated current is too small, it is very easy to produce safety accidents and excess accidents will occur.

2. Look at the appearance and tactile sensation: the power socket is smooth and flat, the color is well -proportioned, there is a certain strength and net weight, there is no sound when shaking, and the cable is solidly connected. The power switch is motionless and the magnetic induction is lightweight but not astringent,

3. Watching appearance: Personalized design solutions can make customers use more ease. For example, whether it has a lightning protection effect, this can reasonably maintain the power consumption machine equipment that uses high value; check the intermediate interval between the second and third inserts.

4. Check whether it is an insulating layer of fire prevention material: This is the key to the security lines of the Fan Shell Mould Supply. Many customers are not easy to distinguish this. It is best to ignite the test of its key components when buying. If there is no standard, from the appearance, the raw materials are generally no bubbles. The material is relatively hard and difficult to scratch. The structure is tight after forming, and the portion is heavier. That socket is suitable.

fan shell mould supply