Manufacturing process of microfiber jewelry bag factory

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microfiber jewelry bag factory

There are various forms of packaging boxes in the market, but many people are not clear about the packaging materials? Because the material and structure of ordinary packaging are relatively simple, many of them are two-layer or single-layer structures. Plastic materials include solvent free composite, dry composite, and extrusion composite. Dry composite is the mainstream among them. The materials are mostly transparent water-resistant boiling high barrier packaging bags, which are generally divided into two layers of structure (KPA/PE) and three layers of structure cardboard according to the size of the product. After printing, what is the manufacturing process of microfiber jewelry bag factory?

These packaging materials are common in our daily life. The quality of packaging is also related to the quality of materials. The same packaging made of different materials has different effects. Bohan Packaging has been making professional gift boxes for 18 years. It has an excellent team, advanced gift box production lines, and skilled packaging workers. With years of experience in making gift box packaging, it has created red wine packaging boxes, tea packaging boxes, gift boxes, and other exquisite gift boxes for you.

microfiber jewelry bag factory