installation and maintenance of news of welding fume extractors

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news of welding fume extractors

News of Welding Fume Extractors installation and maintenance:

1. Installation requirements

First open the side cover, remove the spray pipe, hold the mouth of the filter tube, and fix the filter tube into the filter room through the skeleton; then the filter tube is composed in the flower plate hole, tighten the bottom fixing bolt, so that the filter tube tightly tighten the tube tightly tightly The buckle on the flower plate; then check the sealing of the tube mouth and the flower plate holes; put the spray tube on the spray pipe, adjust the spray pipe to the center of the filter bag in the center of the filter pipe, and fix the nuts on the sprinkler. plate.

1. The box and the ash bucket are locked and flat by the positioning bolt, and welded on the spot. Welding must not leak air.

2. The airbag pulse valve and the connection tube must not leak air.

3. Filter tube installation

2. Maintenance management requirements

1. Regularly check whether the electronic control ash clearance device is running normally. If necessary, adjust the ash clearance time to ensure the ash clearance efficiency.

2. Check whether the operation of the compressed air system is running normally, whether the pressure of the gas source is stable, and whether it meets the requirements (0.3-0.4 kg).

3. Observe the discharge concentration of smoke and dust at any time. If the ash is found, the filter tube damage should be checked in time and the sealing of the filter chamber should be checked.

news of welding fume extractors