same band combiners basic concept, principle, function

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same band combiners

same band combiners are frequency-selecting devices that allow certain frequency components of a signal to pass through while greatly attenuating other frequency components. Using this frequency selection of the same band combiners, interference noise can be filtered out or spectrum analysis can be performed.

In other words, any device or system that enables the passage of a particular frequency component of a signal while greatly attenuating or suppressing other frequency components is called the same band combiners.

Concept of filtering

Filtering is an important concept in signal processing. The function of the filtering circuit is to reduce the AC component in the pulsating DC voltage as much as possible and retain the DC component, so that the ripple coefficient of the output voltage is reduced and the waveform becomes smoother.

Generally speaking, filtering can be divided into classical filtering and modern filtering.

Classical filtering is an engineering concept based on Fourier analysis and transformation. According to advanced mathematical theory, any signal that meets certain conditions can be regarded as a superposition of infinite sine waves.

In other words, the engineering signal is the linear superposition of sinusoidal waves of different frequencies. The sinusoidal waves of different frequencies that make up the signal are called the frequency component of the signal or the harmonic component. Circuits that allow only components of a certain frequency range to pass through normally, while blocking the passage of components of another frequency, are called classical same band combiners or filtering circuits.

Principle of filter circuit

When the current flowing through the inductor changes, the induced electromotive force generated in the inductor coil will stop the current from changing. When the current through the inductor increases, the inductor generates a self-induced electromotive force in the opposite direction of the current, which prevents the increase of the current and converts part of the electric energy into magnetic field energy stored in the inductor. When the current through the inductor is reduced, the self-induced electromotive force moves in the same direction as the current, preventing the current from decreasing while releasing stored energy to compensate for the current reduction.

Therefore, after inductance filtering, not only the pulsation of load current and voltage decreases, the waveform becomes smooth, and the conduction Angle of the rectifier diode increases.

same band combiners